April 30, 2015 in Press

Track of the Week at Redline Roots

(via www.redlineroots.com) You can head over to Duncan Arsenault’s musical bloggings page to read up on the whole story behind this song, but fair warning, I broke down into tears and sobbed like a baby when I did. Hint: its about his dead dog. Dude, you just ripped my heart out. Featuring a slew of his super

April 12, 2015 in Press

Song to Get You Through the Week – Maggie

The most unconventional thing about the Marshall Pass’s new single, “Maggie,” may be the simplest: It’s about a mother coming home. You’d think that wouldn’t be a big deal, but there it is: One’s hard-pressed to think of any other songs that revolve around the idea of a mother returning to her husband and child

May 26, 2014 in Press

Farce The Music reviews Phantom Train

“Phantom Train recalls the lush textures of early Sun Kil Moon and the bluesy vocals of the Allman Brothers. Pass’ sound is a warm mix of folk, rock and blues with an authentic twang that would make one think these guys hail from central Georgia, rather than Massachusetts. Everything about the EP sounds organic and unforced.” www.farcethemusic.com/2013/02/album-review-marshall-pass-phantom-train.html

October 22, 2013 in Press

Foxbeard Music on Phantom Train

The Marshall Pass - Phantom Train

Via: foxbeard.com/marshall-pass-phantom-train/ The Marshall Pass is based out of Worcester, a small city in central Massachusetts. Written and performed solely in a home studio, their albumPhantom Train is packed full of authenticity and realism. A seven song tribute to the passing of fellow band member Scott Ricciuti, and a very worthy tribute it is. Modern-folk with plenty

June 14, 2013 in Press

Grooveflash on Phantom Train

The Marshall Pass - Phantom Train

“With traditional Appalachian and Western sounds blended with modern folk and country, The Marshall Pass has delivered a worthy first effort with Phantom Train. Only seven songs long, the disc has all the required imagery of the Old West – trains, guns,and graveyards as well as the more eternal emotional themes of loss, leaving and

March 13, 2013 in Press

Red Line Roots on Phantom Train

The Marshall Pass - Phantom Train

“I have been extremely lucky in the music that has been sent to me thus far. I have heard some new bands that I dug, I have been given the opportunity to review local bands I know and love, and in the case of The Marshall Pass, I get to review a band that made

February 22, 2013 in Press

Ten Miles on Phantom Train

The Marshall Pass - Phantom Train

Ten Miles has a nice review of Phantom Train. Check it out at tenmilesma.wordpress.com

January 11, 2013 in Press

Interview with Combustus 13

Deanna Elaine Piowaty: It usually takes me a few listens before I allow myself to become fully seduced by a new artist, but “Phantom Train” got me from the very first song. There is an intimacy here, an authenticity. One gets the feeling that your music is as much a gift for yourselves as it

January 10, 2013 in Press

Telegram on Phantom Train

Victor D. Infante at The Telegram wrote a nice article about Phantom Train. Check it out here. When looking back at the bulk of music put forward by local artists last year, one album stands out as an easy to overlook gem: “Phantom Train,” by The Marshall Pass. This album — released online by Duncan

January 9, 2013 in Press

Common Folk Music on Phantom Train

Common Folk Music has a nice review of Phantom Train on their site, complete with the background of The Marshall Pass and the story of the Phantom Train. Check out the full review right here.