March 13, 2013 in Press

Red Line Roots on Phantom Train

The Marshall Pass - Phantom Train

“I have been extremely lucky in the music that has been sent to me thus far. I have heard some new bands that I dug, I have been given the opportunity to review local bands I know and love, and in the case of The Marshall Pass, I get to review a band that made me say “Holy sh*t that is some great music”.

Never before, have I heard a somewhat somber, sorrowful sounding record with so many colors and deep levels to it. I don’t know the band personally, but after listening to the record I feel a personal connection to the gents. From what I gather the back story of the project was in memoriam to a lost friend. The entire record illustrates that very well. Each and every note and part is artistically and professionally placed. Craig Rawding’s vocals are just enough, not too much, but still have that “this guy is a pro” sound to them, this is something that Nashville should be paying attention to and take note. Mixed with the plethora of instruments Duncan Arsenault adds to the mix creates a palate of loss, distress, and the hopefulness that maybe things will get better. They have to, right?…”

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