January 11, 2013 in Press

Interview with Combustus 13

Deanna Elaine Piowaty: It usually takes me a few listens before I allow myself to become fully seduced by a new artist, but “Phantom Train” got me from the very first song. There is an intimacy here, an authenticity. One gets the feeling that your music is as much a gift for yourselves as it is for your fans.

Duncan Arsenault (instrumentals): We didn’t set out to create a particular vibe. The songs began to take shape and they naturally sounded the way that they do. Our only goal was to write and capture the mood we were in. Listening to music always takes me someplace and writing these songs was a way of creating someplace new for my mind to go. If listeners go to a similar place, that is great, but as long as they go somewhere, I’m happy.

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