December 9, 2012 in Press

Yankee Calling on Phantom Train

The Marshall Pass - Phantom Train

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Often good music is good music and that’s the end of the story. But sometimes that’s not the whole story – this case is true for The Marshall Pass. They are a duo out of Massachusetts who have just put out an excellent 7 song EP available digitally as of now. Duncan Arsenault and Craig Rawding found themselves writing music together to help move past the sudden and tragic death of the lead singer in their band at the time. Arsenault would write the instrumentation and then Craig would write the lyrics.

Their sounds are lush, and the music written rings with emotional realism. The intimate nature of the album drives the melodies, and you can hear how grief manifests itself between the two, and it’s that commonality which created a wonderful tribute to a friend.

You can grab the album right now on bandcamp and itunes.