December 6, 2012 in Press

Music Savage on Phantom Train

The Marshall Pass - Phantom Train

The wonderful music website Music Savage recently reviewed “Phantom Train”.

Phantom Train, explores textures of folk music through a sonica space that echoes through a warm and serene space, employing small samples, reverbs, and vocals that seem to perfectly reflect the duo’s loss and creative rebirth. It’s an absolute must listen, as it transports the listener to another place with poignant songwriting and tenderly played music that has a warm inviting feel introduce you to a serenity that is unparalleled. Rawding’s voice teeters right on the edge between gritty and refined but feels just right for the musical accompaniments from Arsenault as he seems to mix in everything but the kitchen sink bringing in guitars, banjos, slide, bass, piano and percussions that are so tastefully delightful you’ll go back and hear different layers that you may have missed on the first few listens.

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